4 Advantages and Innovations of XCMG Concrete Pump Trucks

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Experience Unrivaled Innovation Beyond Compare!

The uniqueness lies in one place – the XCMG Concrete Pump with exclusive technology from SCHWING Stetter.

From design to hydraulic innovations, remote control systems, you can now own world-class technology today.

4 Ultimate Innovations of XCMG SCHWING Concrete Pumps:

  1. Maximum Safety – Altrasonic Zone Inspection and ARC Design Support Legs.
  2. Exceptional Stability – Hydraulic System Minimizes Electrical Equipment Usage.
  3. Cost-Effective – Rock Valve Technology for Significant Savings.
  4. Cutting-Edge – CAN Intelligence Control System for Modern Efficiency.

Maximum Safety at Every Stage of Production, Verified by Altrasonic Zone Inspection, and the Exclusive ARC Design Support Legs by SCHWING. Enhancing Stability by 50%.

Exceptional Stability is achieved through an automatic variable hydraulic pressure system, reducing energy losses in the system without relying on any electrical equipment, thus saving time. The main pump shaft utilizes advanced laser manufacturing technology, enhancing piston movement for precise control at the centimeter level.

Significant Savings with Rock Valve Technology and Seamless Construction. Ensuring smooth, frictionless operations, it results in an astonishingly low average fuel consumption rate of just 0.36L per cubic meter of pumped concrete.

Cutting-Edge Technology – Every Concrete Pump is equipped with a digital control panel, allowing for seamless operation control and equipment maintenance alerts. The remote control system precisely manages boom movement, ensuring excellent precision in operations.

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