We take care of every process, from pre-sales to after-sales, efficiently with a mobile service of over 50 teams. Our vehicles have complete spare parts inside, allowing for immediate repairs.

After-Sales Service

“Open-minded Commitment Responsible”

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In order to achieve our company’s goal of providing our customers with efficient and effective after-sales service, we have implemented a mobile service policy with over 50 teams deployed throughout the country. Our vehicles are equipped with comprehensive spare parts and repair services, ensuring prompt and reliable service without the need for customers to wait for new parts to be ordered.

Spare Parts Center

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O.C.R. Spare Parts Center

We are an authorized distributor, ensuring that every part is certified by the manufacturer and comes with a quality guarantee after sales at the most reasonable price. We have parts for various types of heavy machinery such as forklift, trucks, cranes, excavators and more."

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Over 10,000 types and more than 500,000 pieces of spare parts.

to meet every need of our customers. Our inventory includes a vast selection of items, such as oil filters, lubricants, engine oil, hydraulic cylinders and repair kits, hydraulic pumps, engine components, consumable parts, tires, and much more. Our comprehensive range of parts enables us to cater to diverse requirements and ensures that our customers can find the right part for their equipment.

Factory Tour

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Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (XCMG)

XCMG is the 3th largest construction machinery company in the world and ranked the first among the Chinese construction machinery industry. XCMG has integrated technological innovation and development to create a series of products that represent the most advanced technologies in China and around the world. If you are interested in visiting one of the world’s largest manufacturers, please contact us for inquiries

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to make an appointment to visit the factory in China

Credit Service

OCR Co., Ltd. is ready to provide financial services to customers who buy machinery from the company. We are happy to give advice on the payment terms that customers are satisfied with to help make the ownership of machinery easier. In 2020, we established a dedicated credit service department under the company name XCMG Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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XCMG Company Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

focuses on providing credit services. with a more standardized focus on speed and flexibility for the highest satisfaction of customers.

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Easy document preparation, quick consideration, quick approval

We are committed to improving the credit process. To have a process that is not complicated and takes only hours to consider

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Able to pay in installments and worry-free

The fixed interest rate for the entire contract period (Flat rate) allows for equal installment payments throughout the contract period, eliminating worries about fluctuations in interest rates.

Preventive Maintenance Table

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Road Machinery

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Concrete Machinery

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Port Machinery

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Sanitation Machinery

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Special Purpose Machinery

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Biomass Machinery

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Electric Machinery


The highlight of the company is our sense of responsibility, as we guarantee every part and service provided. We even offer a one-month warranty at no cost for repairs.

Technology in vehicles has been constantly improving every year, and it meets the needs of Thai customers the most. This results in some parts needing to be modified in size, such as cylinders and pumps. Therefore, O.C.R recommends that customers measure and take a photo of the part before placing an order to confirm its accuracy.

Report for Service

For assistance or to report any issues related to your order, please fill out the information below. Our team will promptly address your concerns.

Repair Form (EN)