TPI Polene Company Receives 8 High-Value Electric Wheel Loaders

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On May 29th, the OCR Company Limited delivered 8 XCMG #XC968EV electric wheel loaders to TPI Polene Public Company Limited, marking the largest and highest-value electric wheel loader delivery in Thai history.

After rigorous real-world testing, TPI Polene found that the XCMG electric wheel loader could save over one million baht in fuel costs annually while delivering exceptional performance equivalent to diesel-powered machinery. The loaders proved their robustness and durability, capable of tackling various work scenarios and contributing to reducing carbon emissions, aligning with sustainability goals.

Impressed by the cost-effectiveness and excellent post-sales service, which includes comprehensive spare parts availability and dedicated technical support, TPI Polene chose XCMG electric wheel loaders.

Looking back to 2021, OCR became the first and sole importer of electric wheel loaders in Thailand, creating a significant buzz in the heavy machinery industry. As XCMG ranks third globally and first in China for heavy machinery brands, their extensive experience and continuous skill development have garnered trust among numerous customers who have opted for electric wheel loaders. OCR has remained the exclusive distributor of XCMG electric wheel loaders in Thailand ever since.

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