XC975EV Special

Group 48097410
Agricultural vendor, Factory, Rice mill, Palm-oil plant, Tropioca plant, Rubber plant

Rated Working Load

5500 kg

Group 48097363

Bucket Capacity

8 m³

Frame 48097595

Gross Power

240/480 kW

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Special Feature

The vehicle has a unique gearless drive system with direct front and rear motor rotation, providing quick response and high power delivery efficiency. It is the most energy-efficient vehicle on the market with the lowest maintenance cost.


It supports fast charging and has two ports. On average, it can operate continuously for 6-10 hours after a 1-hour charge, depending on working conditions and environmental factors

A single XC958-EV electric forklift can reduce CO2 emissions by more than 150 tons per year, equivalent to planting 8,333 trees and can also reduce toxic emissions.


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