XC968TH Special

Group 48097406
Agricultural vendor, Factory, Rice mill, Palm-oil plant, Tropioca plant, Rubber plant

Rated Working Load

5000 kg

Group 48097363

Bucket Capacity

7.0 m³

Frame 48097595

Gross Power

240 Hp

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Special Feature

The XC9 series frame has been completely redesigned by a world-class R&D team, enabling the new model to lift goods with a weight increase of over 15% while using less time for lifting. The boom has been designed to be larger and more capable of deeper lifting than before.

The rear cover can be opened at an angle of up to 70 degrees, making maintenance and daily checks more convenient. The cooling system is designed and developed for operations in Thailand, which has high temperatures and humidity.

The driver's cabin has been redesigned to increase space, reduce noise and dust, allowing for more comfortable and longer working hours. It comes with a wider view, a new air conditioning system, and all-new buttons to cater to the driver's work requirements.


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