Group 48097406
Agricultural vendor, Factory, Rice mill, Palm-oil plant, Tropioca plant, Rubber plant

Rated Working Load

2700 kg

Group 48097363

Bucket Capacity

4 m³

Frame 48097595

Gross Power

170 Hp

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Special Feature

The engine is a development model of the Cummins QSB4.5, providing greater power and performance, as well as lower-priced and easier to maintain spare parts.

The rear hood can be opened in all directions, making maintenance and daily inspections more convenient. The cooling system is designed and developed specifically for working in Thailand's high temperature and humidity conditions.

The driver's compartment is newly designed to increase space, reduce noise and dust, and allow for more comfortable long-term operation. It comes with a wider view angle, a redesigned air conditioning system, and all-new buttons to cater to the driver's needs.


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