Essential Maintenance for Mobile Concrete Pumps

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How to Care for and Clean Your Mobile Concrete Pump (แพล้นคอนกรีตแบบเคลื่อนที่): Just a Few Simple Steps! Like love, your pump needs regular attention to extend its efficient lifespan. Let’s take a look at which parts need cleaning.”

When production is completed or the machine is idle for more than half an hour, it is advisable to clean the mixing machine area with water. After each day’s production, both the interior and exterior of the mixing machine should be cleaned. Additionally, on a weekly basis, run a mixture of 400 liters of water to 100 kilograms of aggregate through the system to enhance the cleaning efficiency.

The next step is to ensure conveyor belt cleanliness by thoroughly cleaning any leftover raw materials. Regularly inspect the wear and tear level of the sand scraper equipment, and replace the scraper rubber as soon as it shows signs of wear.

Check the lubricant level in the oil tank, monitor the automatic grease level in the grease chamber, and top it up to the specified level. Regularly tighten or ensure that the air hoses and pipes are consistently sealed.

At the end of each workday, it’s important to clear lime powder from the screw and inspect the seal’s performance. Additionally, check the lubrication condition of the gear case weekly for any abnormal sounds or oil leaks. If the oil level is insufficient, top it up immediately but do not exceed the specified oil level.

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