Biggest Wheel Loader Delivery in Northeastern Thailand!

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Mr. Sirapop Tantitham, Managing Director of OCR Company, delivered the XCMG “XC958TH Special” long-arm Wheel Loader to SRISAKOL PURE RICE MILL, one of the largest rice mills in Northeast Thailand.

On April 23, 2024, executives and customer service representatives from OCR Limited visited the SRISAKOL PURE RICE MILLl in Sakon Nakhon province to deliver the special long-arm wheel loader model XC958TH Special, a popular model from the XCMG brand, to the management of the SRISAKOL PURE RICE MILL Co., Ltd. This rice mill, renowned in Sakon Nakhon province, confidently selected XCMG wheel loader after being highly impressed during their trial usage, stating, “After trying this brand, we won’t consider any other.”


The XCMG long-arm loader designed for durability and agricultural convenience, was immediately put to use by the rice mill.

The XC958TH Special is one of our most popular and best-selling models, offering great value with full specifications. It incorporates cutting-edge innovations and technology, particularly designed for agricultural use. With a 5.5-cubic meter bucket and a powerful 220 HP engine.

Thank you for choosing us, SRISAKOL PURE RICE MILLl, one of the largest rice mills in the northeastern region.


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